Prabhudeva’s latest Interview about Nayantara !

After the break up with Nayantara, Prabhudeva had decided to keep his head down and work on his current projects. His latest movie ‘Rowdy Rathore’ was released few days ago and was a smashing hit. On this occasion, he spoke to a Mumbai tabloid on several issues. Here is the excerpts of the interview in which he spoke about his relationship with Nayantara:
What is your problem with Nayanthara and why did you split with her? 
All these days I kept quiet about this matter. Now I want to answer this question but something prevents me from doing so. Hence I don’t want to talk about this. Don’t ask anything about her. This is a finished matter. I don’t keep this in my mind. I have forgotten all these things and I am going forward in my career. That is my policy.

Nayanthara has mentioned that she split with you because you did not have honesty and loyalty towards her?
Nayanthara has every right to speak openly. There is no necessity for me to reply for all these things. Whatever she says will not affect me. I have great faith in God. As far as I am concerned everything happens according to the will of the God. He will guide me in the right path.