Praising Rana, Director Throws Mud On Others

“Entire two Telugu states are only talking about Rana and they seemed to have even forgotten the names of the lead actors of the other two films which released along with NRNM, ” says director Ram Gopal Varma who is in the process of lifting Rana to the sky for reasons that are known only to him.

Varma is known for taking pot shots at flop films and hailing hit movies as bigger ones than Hollywood films. Now that Rana scored a hit, for reasons unknown, he’s taking a dig at other movies. Also, he felt that more than his any assistants, Teja is the best.

“Rana had the greatest screen presence I ever saw in my life. Teja had the greatest talent among all my assistants and just one of the many proofs of my belief is that Teja made a super blockbuster hit Jayam with a nobody from the street called Nitin. Today Rana is already up there as an already existing volcano and where I failed in Department and various others failed in other films I am so thrilled it took the great Teja to push Rana to a bigger upper limit and for this I am so happy and so proud about both of them” his Facebook post read.

Shouting cheers for Nene Raju Nene Mantri is good, but shouting so loud and throwing mud on others is not so impressive for netizens. They are coming up with attacking comments for the one-sided nature of maverick Ram Gopal Varma.