Prakash Raj Had An Altercation With Cinematographer!

Veteran actor Prakash Raj is known for making news for all the wrong reasons. He was in news many a time for his indiscipline and for not being punctual.Of late he has been picking fights on the sets with co artists and technicians as per grapevine.There were rumors about Prakash Raj’s tiff with actress Anupama Parameshwaran on the sets of Hello Guru Prema Kosame recently.

Now the film is back in news with Prakash Raj as the center of attraction. This time Prakash Raj reportedly had an altercation with cinematographer Vijay K Chakravarthy on Hello Guru Prema Kosame sets.Prakash Raj told the cinematographer to shoot the close shot first and later finish it with a dupe in the wide shot. Vijay K Chakravarthy said that is not possible as he fixed the wide shot already.

When he refused to change it to close shot, Prakash Raj had a heated argument with him for several minutes it seems.It is surprising that such fights are happening on the sets of a movie produced by top producer Dil Raju.Hello Guru Prema Kosame starring Ram is directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina. It is set to release in October.