Prasthanam to be dubbed in to Tamil !

Deva Katta’s much acclaimed political thriller ‘Prasthanam’ is all set to be dubbed in to Tamil under the name ‘Padhavi’. Prasthanam is a political thriller about complex human relations between three main characters (Sai Kumar, Sharwanand and Sundeep Kishan). It also shows that there are no good men or bad men. It is all about war between good and bad within our mind.
The film brought a lot of recognition to Deva Katta for his intelligent dialogues and the brilliant characterizations. The political theme, the issues of greed and selfishness and Sai Kumar’s superb performance struck a chord with movie lovers in urban centers.The movie did not manage to get enough theaters and promotion and thus remained as commercial failure despite the acclaim it got. Lets see if the Tamil version manages to rake in good numbers