Pre Release Report: Govindudu Andarivadele


All eyes are focused on the film of the season, Govindudu Andarivadele. Expectations on this film are pretty high with everyone hoping for a big hit with this big flick. Recent failures of big movies like Aagadu and Rabhasa has put Telugu Cinema’s business on a slump. So a big hit is crucial at this point to boost the spirits. Will GAV live up to the expectations?

As per our sources, the film has shaped out well and will impress the family audiences very much with emotional drama and loveable scenes between the family setup. First half of the film has good commercial elements and enough action to please the mass audience. Second half has more drama and the last twenty minutes will be an emotional ride. This is not a tragedy. It has a happy ending that will make the audience leave the theaters with a feel good experience.

Krishna Vamsi’s trademark picturization of songs is going to be a major asset said our sources. All in all, GAV is carrying positive reports from the insiders as well as industry people. We have to wait and see how well the masses receive it. The range will depend upon how they embraces the film.