President campaign in Chanchalguda Jail !

All of a sudden the focus has shifted to a small prison in Hyderabad making it a highlight in the national politics. With a top level politician sitting inside, there is no option for some persons other than meeting him.
Presidential candidate PA Sangma has shocked state leaders today by coming to meet YS Jagan at Chanchalguda prison. The other day we have seen Congress ambassador Owaisi meeting Jagan to seek his support to extend support to Pranab Mukherjee. Though YSR-C’s vote is not crucial in the president election, parties want to establish contact with them for future benefits, it seems. Sangma is backed by BJP now and this move is clearly evident that the lotuswalas are ready to join with Jagan for the sake of power.
If at all Jagan does a clean sweep in 2014 polls, his support will become crucial for the party or group that wants to form government at Centre. On the flip side, Jagan will also be in a tight spot now, whether to support Congress or BJP. His decision will have a strong impact on his future as a political party.