Pressure on Ram Charan with Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Sing Success

When Ram Charan ended the drought of success for mega heroes with Racha film, mega fans thought that he is the man that they should have hopes upon. Charan made the fans proud with Magadheera which is still sitting pretty on top and when he scored a blockbuster with ordinary film Racha, they got a feeling that he is the true successor to Chiranjeevi.
Pawan Kalyan’s bad track record and Allu Arjun being considered as the second ranked star, Charan looked like the only hope for fans until Gabbar Singh arrived. With Gabbar Singh’s arrival things suddenly changed as fans are immersed in extreme joy. Pawan Kalyan proved that he is the real Power king of box office with a stunning hit.
So Charan will now have internal competition. He will have to compete with his Babai and please the fans. Just delivering hits won’t do. Charan should create a unique mark like his Babai and impress the fans. Charan is already facing competition from Bunny in the dance department. Now with Power star back in form, Charan will have to impress on the performance side too.