Previous Hit Hangover Leading To Snow Storm

Praveen Sattaru made his debut in TFI with LBW and has come a long way since then. After the humongous success of his recent release PSV Garuda Vega, Praveen is in high demand. But now, he is going for a risk, by depending on Visual Effects yet again.

We do know that the director has started doing a film with energetic hero Ram Pothineni who is struggling to score a hit these days. As per the reports, the project is completely different from his previous films and will have a snow theme as the background. That means the entire story and film will happen in snow-capped regions and the whole concept of the film revolves around the same.

While part of this film will be shot in real snow-laced locations in Europe, rest of the film will be shot in special sets in Hyderabad. Sources revealed that the budget of the film might increase, because of the crucial visual effects involved to merge the set in Hyderabad as a location into Europe. Some say that Praveen is in Garudavega hangover and hence this move.

When it comes to high budget films, generally the VFX would be mediocre these days and after Baahubali, everyone wants to deliver superior quality. And that costs a bomb. But what is to be seen, how much is worth to invest huge budget on snow storms for Ram, whose market is inconsistent.