Prince Fans angry @ TV9 Toilet Promotion

There are bundles of talents lying outside the film industry. While some get an easy access into industry others aren’t endowed with the same. The second category of craftsmen adopts various paths like exhibiting their inventiveness on Youtube or any other social networking platforms. One such team which came to light by the good work of TV9 is of ‘Businessman 2’ with tagline of ‘Toilets Don’t Need Agreements.’
Four people Mallik, Suresh, Hanuman and Anil who made a parody of ‘Businessman’ in the name of ‘Businessman 2’ is going rounds on net spreading the humor and social message for improvement in civic sense among public. On the other side, some of Mahesh Babu Fans are angry with TV9 for promoting such ‘D’egrading stuff but definitely others are to agree ‘Businessman 2’ as a quality attempt by this very small team. Fortunate enough that team members of ‘Businessman 2’ are die hard admirers of both Puri and Mahesh Babu.