What Is Priya Varrier’s Mass Stamina??

You can become a star with social media support but real stardom comes only when you prove that at the box office. For example, Sampoornesh Babu enjoyed humongous craze on Twitter and Facebook, but that didn’t turn into box office revenues for his films.

The moot question is, how far this newly found craze around Priya Prakash Varrier really turns into a box office success. With her wink from the movie Oru Adar Love, there has been huge hullabaloo around her every single move. And the makers of her film are releasing the film simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi as well along with the Malayalam version. That’s what raises the question now.

On Facebook, a single dialogue, scenes, seconds of particular expression could go viral. But for the film to click at theatres, there should be non-stop engaging and entertaining content for two hours. And going by the teasers of the movie, it looks Priya will be seen only in part of the story as there two more couples carrying other bits of it. Will that be enough to satisfy those folks who went crazy with her wink and gesture-gun acts?

Also one has to see the opening day footfalls for the movie to check the real stamina of Priya Varrier as a box office queen. Let’s look forward to it.