Producer in troubles with Dubbing Idea


It would be a big joke if Telugu film ‘Ra Ra Krishnayaa’ is being dubbed into Hindi. Since actually Telugu version was supposed to be rip-off of Hindi film ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya…starring Ritesh and Genelia and even B-town producers are willing to file a case on Telugu producer Vamsi Krishna and director Mahesh for stealing their storyline under copy right act.

In this ugly, situation, if Telugu producer wants to prove the point by dubbing in romantic comedy and its bound to get ‘legal issues’ of B-town producers are uncompromising, then its going to tough time for Telugu producer and his team.

So, it looks unbelievable joke, because its difficult to copy a film and then re-release it in the same version, without required permission from original makers. Lets see how, it is going turn ugly or not?