Producer proving his loyalty to Powerstar !

Most of the senior producers feel very sad about the state of producers of this generation. There were days when the producer is treated like a king in the film industry. But producers have lost value in this hero-ruled industry years ago and they are reduced to money spending machines. Gone are the days where producers walked with their heads high in pride.

Now they have been carrying bags and turning into loyal ‘servants’ of heroes. Whoever stays loyal to a star hero is likely to be rewarded with dates to make a movie with that particular star. Producer Ganesh Babu, who is producing his second film with Pawan Kalyan, is seen carrying the star’s bag at the airport. A driver or other assistant could do that for the hero. But the producer here wants to prove his loyalty with every chance he has.

Pawan Kalyan may not be noticing the damage it does to his personal image. But in this era where everything is seen through the eyes of media cameras, heroes should at least advice their ‘pet producers’ to act dignified in public.