Puri Is Bangkok Writers Association President!!!

Known for his sharp and quick witted dialogues Puri is always considered as the best among self-styled writers. With BUSINESSMAN, the philosophical side of Puri got exposed and many people are his followers now.
Apparently, Puri Jagan is the first one to give a king-size image to the golden waters of Bangkok. One can get peace and piece of anything in Bangkok, getting maximum relaxation to stay focused on the target. For all his writings, Puri flies to this tourist spot with his team and finishes the job extra ordinarily. This has given inspiration to many of his colleagues and juniors. Now, everyone is seen going to Bangkok for ‘sittings’ and are doing all ‘push-ups’ there to get a beautiful script in hand. With the number of writers from South India in Bangkok is steadily increasing, there is no doubt our guys will form an association. Film-Lovers are saying that Puri should be the president of such association as he is the one that has infused the luxurious Bangkok into our thoughts.