Puri scared of sequels

When someone fail to keep up their words and promises, people stop believing them and sometime even go to the extent of viewing them with suspicion. The same thing happening in case of tollywood hit director Puri Jagannath who failed to keep his promises he made to movie lovers. He at the starting of the year announced with much fan fare that he would make sequel for ‘Idiot’ and ‘Business Man’. ‘Idiot’ gave Mass Raja Ravi Teja, a stunning hit in his career and none can forget the song ‘Chupulto Guchchi Guchchi Champake’. ‘Business Man’ continued the success streak of Prince Mahesh Babu and once again stamped the stardom of Mahesh on tollywood industry. So when Puri announced sequels for both these high profile films, expectations of fans rose even before the start of the films.
However recently Puri exploded a bomb that he won’t be doing sequel for ‘Idiot’ and he after discussing with Ravi Teja felt that the character of Chanti was not suitable for sequel. He said both then proceeded to do ‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’ along with Ileana. Now couple of days back Puri lit a dynamite saying he is not doing sequel even for ‘Business Man’. He said he will be preparing an entirely new script which suits Prince Mahesh Babu. Many started wondering what could be the reasons behind Puri cancelling not one but both the sequels of two block busters which he earlier directed. Some feel that Puri is scared of sequels as people and movie lovers start comparing the new film with that of the earlier one making it difficult for the new film to reach the high expectations of viewers.