Race Gurram Influence On Sai Dharam Tej

A hit film always continues to exert its influence on its predecessors. Films like Dhee and Ready continued our makers to make similar kind of patterned scripts until recently ‘Race Gurram’ happened. Now it looks like this Allu Arjun starrer that was carved by Surender Reddy is making its way into other Telugu movies. 
If we look at Sai Dharam Tej’s first ever silver screen adventure, Pilla Nuvvuleni Jeevitham, this could be clearly noticed. A film that is expected to be an out and out action movie suddenly falls into comedy sequences that too at the time of climax. Like in Race Gurram where an unexpected Brahmanandam track takes on the movie in the climax, even PNJL has similar structure. 
In RG, Allu Arjun uses his intelligent brain through Police department and tortures the villain. In PNLJ, Sai Dharam uses his intelligence through media and tortures the villain, played by Prakash Raj. The pattern of these two climaxes pretty similar and we could easily figure out that post the release of Race Gurram, Sai Dharam’s director AS Ravikumar might have taken clue and made the changes.