Racha Director addicted to sleeping pills

Director Sampath Nandi is feeling the pressure even before the audio launch of his big ticket with ‘Racha’ starring Mega Powerstar Ram Charan and milky white beauty Tamanna.
The first person to be blamed, if this film fails too hit the bulls eye would be the captain of the film, The Director. Sampath Nandi, who is well aware of this fact have been spending sleepless nights for quite some time now. Unable to cope up with the enormous pressure, the young director got addicted to sleeping pills.
“Ever since the time this project got finalized, Sampath Nandi is working day and night to live up to the expectations. The hype over the film is taking a toll on him,” said a source close to the unit.
Sampath Nandi seems to have undergone a lot of pain during the making of the film and the success of Racha could only make him forget the painful experience. We can expect Racha to make the cash registers ringing, as hard work and dedication always pays off. Let’s Hope So!!!