Racha is going to be the biggest hit!

When almost all the top league heroines are trying to sail in various boats at the same time, only Tamanna is sticking to Telugu film industry and has been rejecting all the offers from other film industries. Despite having hits like Happy Days and 100% Love to her credit, Tamanna failed to become the star in Tollywood.
Failures like Badrinath and Oosaravelli have turned out to be the obstacles in her way to stardom. However, Tamanna believes that this summer is going to change her fate forever. Tamanna has high hopes on Ram Charan’s Racha, which is releasing shortly. Tamanna played an ultra glamorous role in this mass masala film.
Tamanna hopes that this film will make her the darling of masses. She is saying that Racha would be the biggest hit that she has been waiting for a longtime. Hence, Tamanna is not signing up any new films as she believes that her craze and paycheck will go up after the release of Racha. Therefore, she is playing the waiting game for now.