‘Racha’ Is Show-Reel For Ram Charan

Some movies never stand out as ‘masterpiece’ but they lay foundation for the prosperity of their hero. Looks like, same thing is happening with ‘Racha’ for our Mega Power Star.
Irrespective of an old fashioned story and simple narration, Racha is doing wonders at Box Office only due to the stamina of RamCharan. ‘With that thumping energy and thunderous voice, Charan proved the real star in him. It is working in his favor to woo producers from different cine circuits’, say critics. Right from Bollywood to Kollywood many big production houses are now gearing up to sign deals with Charan after watching his sparkling show in this latest flick.
A source from Hindi circuit reveals that if Charan scores marks with his Bolly debut ‘Zanjeer’, then there is no doubt he will become ‘star’ across the Indian film circuits. One can now say, Racha is more of a showreel of Charan to impress producers than a blockbuster movie.