Racha Or Dammu: Who Wins Hearts?

Celebrations have begun in Tollywood circles with the clock ticking for two of the biggest movies of the season. Ram Charan’s ‘Racha’ and Jr.NTR’s ‘Dammu’ are competing with each other to win the hearts of people this summer.
It took more than a year for Charan to recover from the debacle of ‘Orange’. Amidst many controversies, accidents and fanfare, ‘Racha’ is aimed for a summer release. Audio was a partial success with a couple of songs holding our excitement. But, trailers have created the max hype for ‘Racha’, with punch dialogues and Charan’s steps. Director Sampath Nandi is full confident about the output, though this is just his second movie.
Advantage Racha: Needless to say, Charan’s dialogues and dances will remain on top, as this is a commercial mass-masala entertainer. To spice it up, heroine Tamannah’s unstoppable sex-appeal is used to a max to woo masses.