Racha vs Dammu – Complete Comparisons

Racha – Old Wine in ‘Costly’ Bottle!

Dammu – Old Wine in ‘Royal’ Bottle!

Ram Charan – Played the role of street-smart guy. He excels in dances and fights. Improves his dialogue delivery when compared to his previous films. Fails to emote well in emotional scenes
NTR – Played the heir of Royal dynasty. He comes up with just ordinary dance moves, but does a decent job in fights. Has the ability of outshining even 100 actors in a single frame with his flawless dialogue delivery. Outstanding performance in emotional scenes.

Racha Heroine – Tamanna’s glamour is an eye-feast and her acting is decent

Dammu Heroines – Both Trisha and Karthika fail to impress.


Dances – Lavish sets, the grace in Charan’s innovative steps, good costumes and the chenistry between Cherry & Tamanna makes them watchable


Dances – Nothing special                


Fights – Tried something different with the Bamboo fight


Fights – Lacks the power and intensity to keep the audience on the edge of their seats


Comedy – Ali and Brahmi filled the slot to some extent
Music – Nothing fresh
Dialogues – Few of them are note worthy                                        
Cinematography – Top Notch
Art Direction – Appealing                                             
Editing – Mediocre in first half
Wrong Casting – MS Narayana as Charan’s father is a blunder.

Comedy – NTR, Ali and Brahmi brings few laughs
Dialogues – The best ones in recent times and the credit goes to Ratnam.              
Cinematography – Good in parts
Art Direction – Deserves an applause                                            
Editing – Mediocre in second half
Wrong Casting – Karthika is a completely misfit

Racha Budget – Rs. 41 crore

Dammu Budget – Rs. 35+ Crore


1st Day Share – Rs. 7.86 crores

1st week Share – Rs. 33 crores

Overall Collections – Rs. 53+ crores


1st Day Share – Rs. 7.9 crores

1st week Share – Around Rs. 25 crores

Overall Collections – Rs. 35-40 crores (in its total run)


Position At Box Office – Superhit (All time Top 3)

Career Record – 2 films in Top 3 [(1) Magadheera, (2) Dookudu, (3) Racha]


Position At Box Office – Above Average (All time Top 7 or 8 after total run)

Career Record – 2 films in Top 10 ([(1) Magadheera, (2) Dookudu, (3) Racha, (4) Robo, (5) Businessman, (6) Pokiri, (7) Arundathi, (8) Simha, (9) Dammu (currently), (10) Brundavanam])