Rachcha & Dammu – Audience poor taste making them Success?

Half-baked films ‘Racha’ and ‘Dammu’ turned into money spinners! Should we feel happy for the crowd pulling factor of our stars (or) blame the audience for their poor taste? Where the Tollywood is heading towards? Is this a good sign for the Industry or a curse?
The difference between a failure and a success is doing a thing nearly right and doing a thing exactly right. But looking at the success of Racha & Dammu, this famous quote looks entirely impractical. “It’s once again proven with ‘Racha’ and ‘Dammu’ that a Tollywood film with all the commercial elements will end up making profits in most of the cases, despite having multiple noticeable flaws in it. Encouraging such films is noting but giving license to the filmmakers to make films with poor script. In a way that reflects the degrading standards,” opines a film analyst.
Well, there is also a positive side to it. As the good thing about a successful film is that it’s the bread and butter of many, starting from print dispatchers to canteen and parking maintainers in theaters. Kudos to Tollywood and the film lovers for making this happen!