Rachcha is doing Big Business with No Fake Records !

Ram Charan’s Racha has put an end to unhealthy trend of announcing fake figures. There were few films in the recent past that bloated up the actual collections which created dirty atmosphere in Tollywood. When Racha officially broke the actual first day record, few expressed doubts that this film may tread in the same trend and announce fake numbers.

But the producers of Racha simply announced the official figure (8.5 crores share) which was very close to reality (8 crores +) and also declared that their movie has set a new record for the opening day. So there won’t be any need for the following up biggies to fake the actual figures as there is a genuine record to break.

Producers of Racha are very seniors in the film industry and they know that they don’t gain any respect by announcing fake collections. Hence, they stuck to the facts and won the fans hearts. New producers are trying to draw the attention of industry by announcing fake records. That may get them instant popularity, but will never earn them respect. Harsh, but true!