Whom Did Radhika Slap? Rajnikanth Or Balayya?

Slamming south industries or talking low about Tollywood is a norm for Bollywood actresses to get some immediate attention. From Taapsee to Ileana, Hina Khan to Radhika Apte, they simply paint blemishes on the industries down south only to get some immediate fame on social media. Here comes Radhika Apte at it again.

While talking on Neha Dhupia’s TV show BFFs, Radhika made some sensational allegations yet again on South Film industry. She stated that a south superstar started tickling her feet on the first day of her shoot and without any second thought she slapped him. In that case, who is that superstar who misbehaved with this actress?

So far she has done south films like Raktacharitra, Dhoni, All In All Azhagu Raja, Vetri Selvan, Haram, Legend, Lion and Kabali. If these films are anything to go by, then we have two superstars including Rajnikanth and Balayya among them. Then we have the likes of Fahad Fassil and Karthi as well. So who is she pointing her fingers at? It’s better to reveal a name rather just throwing arrows in the darkness.

On a whole, it looks like these Bollywood hotties decided to make a mock of South industries by throwing these rude comments. High time Tollywood thinks twice when it comes to casting these sirens.