Rajamouli conivinced both Fans !

Rajamouli’s sensational movie ‘Eega’ is said to be giving relief to no star-hero, as this small insect proved its worth than may star-heroes of Tollywood. However, it has satisfied Mega and Nandamuri fans with its crazy acts.
Unlike showing the making videos of the flick at the end, Rajamouli has come up with a special song that features the protagonist. We can see ‘Eega’ getting a rebirth and dancing the steps of some famous heroes of Tollywood. Notably, one can enjoy watching Eega performing Megastar Chiru’s veena-step and another floor move that depicts Jr.NTR from ‘Yama Donga’. Both Mega and Nandamuri fans that got some blockbuster hits from Rajmouli for their heartthrob heroes are happy with this.
It is heard that both these fan groups are rushing to theatres watch the insect perform steps of their heroes for a second time. Looks, Eega got its fan base ready!