Rajamouli denies directing Balayya !

Successful director Rajamouli is one dream director to all heroes including the top heroes of Tollywood. His recent directional venture ‘Eaga’ buzz not only breaking the records, but also reaffirmed is status as successful director even without a noted hero.
With the kind of reputation he had, Balayya fans are opines that Rajamouli is the best director for the milestone 100th film of Balakrishna. The actor is currently working on his 97th film (Srimannarayana) and his next film would be “Aditya 999”, directed by Singeetham Srinivas Rao. While the director of his 99th film is yet to be known, there’s been a lot of hoopla about Balayya’s 100th movie.
There are rumors circulating in the filmnagar that Rajamouli will direct Balayya’s 100th film. Recently, rumor-mongers have it saying that Balayya is going to be seen as a CM (Common Man) in his 100th movie. While there’s no concrete picture about Balakrishna’s 100th film, this subject has garnered lot of curiosity amongst the fans.
However, director Rajamouli denied the reports of him directing Balayya’s 100th film. His tweet reads “News about me doing balakrishna garu’s 100th film is false..” put an end to all the speculations much to the disappointment to Balayya fans.