Did Rajamouli Inked Deal With Mumbai Company?

For the now, there is no clarity over when Rajamouli will floor out his latest bonanza that will feature NTR and Ram Charan in the leads. And then, there is news that he has already wrapped the script work of this movie. Here is an interesting update about this mighty multi-starrer.

Unlike everyone thought, Rajamouli has banked on a Bollywood company to design the promotional stuff related to iconic Baahubali movie. A company named Marching Ants from Mumbai has designed the campaign for the movie and that proved highly result-driven. We hear that once again the ace director of Telugu cinema is collaborating with the same company as he has already inked the deal.

Much before this film goes on floors, we hear that the company started their campaigning work. Taking off their work immediately, the company has taken NTR and Charan to Los Angeles for a photo shoot, says an insider. Seems like the publicity of this film has started much before the film actually started. This is a new strategy of Rajamouli to make sure that his films will release not just in Tollywood but across the nation.

Reports are coming that in a couple of weeks even two heroines will also take part in a photo shoot under this company’s creating planning to design a terrific poster. Let’s see how far it goes.