Rajamouli is Confident on ‘Gabbar Singh’

SS Rajamouli is known for open and uninhibited freedom of expression on Twitter. He is one director who frequently updates on status of his films and also responds to each and every tweet of his followers. From the time of ‘Panjaa,’ the big argumentation seen in many Fans groups and public circles is about the kind of rapport existing between Pawan Kalyan and Rajamouli. Well, a project to shape up in their combination is most awaited but here is Jakkanna who has once again spoke positive about ‘Gabbar Singh,’ the upcoming release of Pawan.
Answering to one of his followers on the opinion of ‘Gabbar Singh,’ he tweeted ‘I don’t base my estimations on what happened in past.either +ve or -ve.harish Shankar is quite capable of exploiting PK’s image.’ That is good to hear and anything positive news on ‘Gabbar Singh’ will truly make Power Star Fans to rejoice.