Rajamouli mocked by fat actress

The tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli has been branded as the numero uno director of Tollywood and many top league actors and technicians eagerly wait to be part of his project. Right now, the entire focus of the film industry and audience is on Rajamouli’s new movie ‘Eega’ which is slated to be a graphical extravaganza.
While that is one side, it is heard that Rajamouli is being mocked by one actress. Well, she is none other than the heavy duty bombshell Namitha. Apparently, Namitha is arriving with a movie called ‘Midatha’ and those who heard the title say this is just mocking Rajamouli and his film.
Apparently ‘Midatha’ is a dubbed movie and Namitha would be seen oozing the oomph to the fullest. The film also has another sex bomb Ragasiya showing her curves. This is slated for a release in the month of April. With ‘Eega’ also arriving around the same time, the ‘Eega’ vs ‘Midatha’ clash would be interesting.