Rajamouli ruins his party!

Young actor Nani is still finding it tough to attain stardom despite having few hits up his sleeve. Nani is yet to break into the mid range league of heroes. He was elated when he got a chance to star in Rajamouli’s film. This maverick director is known for giving biggest blockbusters to every hero he works with. The star status of those heroes certainly goes up after working under Rajamouli direction.
Nani has been happy to bag the lead role in Rajamouli’s Eega, as he anticipated a big break with it. He didn’t even listen to the script and agreed to be a part of the movie at nominal price. However, Nani is left disappointed with Rajamouli’s tactics. Nani has no big role to play in this movie. He will be seen only till the interval point.
As per the buzz, any Tom, Dick or Harry could have played Nani’s role in Eega. Rajamouli is not at all bothered to promote this poor man, who has lots of hopes on him. Rajamouli’s prime focus has been on digitally created Eega and we have to wait and watch if Nani gets his due at least after the film is out.