Rajamouli Tied Tamanna To A Tree

Milky beauty Tamanna Bhatia was tied up to a fake tree. Yes, you heard it right. And the person who tied her to the tree is none other than ace director Rajamouli who is busy with the making of magnum opus Baahubali. But why is this tying up and that too for a fake tree. Is milky beauty disturbing our director so much that he has to tie her to a tree? Read this interesting tidbit now. 
Apparently there was a shot in Baahuabli where winds simply unleash their maximum power and this pretty lady stands by a tree. To control the tree as they like, art director Sabu Cyril has come up with a tree set and our hottie knows about this only after wrapping the shoot. She thought the tree was real. And as a safety precaution, they tied her to the tree strongly with a rope such that she would not fly away in harsh wind. Tamanna was stunned at the way a fake-tree is built, and the way they took care of her.