Rajamouli torturing Top Heroine?

Yes! It seems that the ace director of Tollywood SS Rajamouli is torturing the Milky beauty Tamannah Bhatia in the sets of Baahubali. It seems she was tied to a tree that was not an original one. Rajamouli himself tied her to the tree during the shoot. But, why did he do so? Is Tammanah disturbing the unit? Is she disturbing the director? Is she so naughty that she should be punished in this way? 
Well, don’t worry nothing of these reasons are correct! It seems there is a shot in the movie that demanded to tie Tammanah to the tree. The scene is that a heavy wind blows through a location which has got all huge trees which are unreal. Keeping in mind the intensity of the wind flow, Rajamouli thought that Tammanah is so weak that she needs to be tied to a tree so that she could resist the wind. 
However, Tammanah was amazed to know that the trees were unreal and was a creation of the art director Sabu Cyril. Well, this is how Rajamouli seems torturing Tammanah on the sets of Baahubali. All actor are giving their best to make Baahubali a legendary film. So what do you think?