Rajamouli’s EEGA clashes with M.S.Raju’s Tuneega Tuneega !

Producer MS Raju was once called as Mega Maker and Sankranthi Raju as he had massive hits during the Pongal season. All his films used to have that positive vibe around them and he seemed like a man who will never get the taste of a failure. But things changed quickly for this ‘big’ producer as a row of flops took a toll upon him.
Failures like Pournami, Aata and Vaana forced him to take a break and ever since he has been trying to find a way out of the hole that he had fallen in to. Big stars used to dream about starring in MS Raju’s film in the past. But after a series of failures no one showed interest to team up with him. His only hope has been his son Sumanth Ashwin, who was then waiting to face the camera. Raju tried to rope in star directors for his son’s debut, but that didn’t materialize.
Finally he has donned the director’s cap for Sumanth’s debut Tooneega Tooneega. This film has taken so long in the pre production and production stage. When Raju felt that it is completely ready to have a go at the box office, in came a shock in the form of Rajamouli. With Eega release being announced on July 6, Raju had to postpone Tuneega to another date. A-big-film-a-week lineup at the Tollywood box office is not allowing Raju to find a ‘safe space’ for his film. Eega’s blow proved deadly for the Tooneega and we have to wait and watch if MS Raju is confident enough to pit his film against the heavyweights or not.