Rajamouli’s threat to Charan and NTR

There is a major shuffling going on between the release dates of summer biggies. Postponement of Racha is creating problems for the other releases and there would be adjustments done by the makers of those films. The competition is primarily between Racha and Dammu which will be released in April. Gabbar Singh will release in May, so there won’t be direct impact of it on these films.
However, Racha and Dammu are going to face the music of Rajamouli. Eega is expected to release in April. The date is not yet fixed as the post production work is taking more time than anticipated. But it would release sometime in April irrespective of the competition. Which means Eega is going to eat into the business of Racha and Dammu.
Rajamouli was the person who gave biggest hits to NTR and Charan in their respective careers. But this time he would be locking horns with the stars that he had made. Let’s see how would they respond and withstand against the master filmmaker, who is known as the best doctor to read the pulse of masses.