Rajani’s Daughter ‘ Verri’ Direction !

The power of ‘Kola-veri’ is yet to be forgotten and the director of that film is now coming up with many more ‘verri’ ideas to cash on the craze.

Aishwarya, daughter of Superstar Rajnikanth has directed the film ‘3’ which is famous for the ‘Kolaveri’ song of it. With the international buzz created for that song, Aishwarya is now planning to sell the film to distributors in a different way. Yes, the makers are trying to auction the film and are expecting nothing less than 70 crores. Though the idea holds well, any mistake in terms of visualizing that song will show stars to the investors to recollect their investment.

Insiders are saying that both ‘Kolaveri’ and this ‘verri’ are the directions of Aishwarya to cash on the image of both her father Rajni and husband Danush. The only person from the entire crew who feels happier is none other than heroine Sruthi Hassan. The curvaceous babe is showing this movie as an example for guys who state her as an ‘Iron Leg’, as none of her movies had no commercial success till date.