Rajasekhar ruined sexy actress career!

Dr. Rajasekhar’s movies being stuck in production or post production stage due to lack of funds and buyers. One of such films that was stalled mid way is Mahankali. This film was actually started on Natti Kumar’s banner.
After a schedule or two, Natti Kumar backed out of it due to financial reasons. Rajasekhar had to step in to take the movie forward as it is a matter of prestige. He took over the production from Natti Kumar and Jeevitha donned the director’s cap for it since then.
Despite completing the shooting part, Mahankali has never seen light. Madhurima played the female lead in this film. She hoped for a break with this film but unfortunately Mahankali has put complete break for her career. Prior to Mahankali, she was at least playing small roles in big films. Sadly, she isn’t getting any such offers now. Rumor mills say that the sexy actress rues her decision of doing Rajasekhar’s film as it has completely ruined her career.