Rajinikanth Daughter’s Headless Decision

Superstar Rajinikanth is no less than a visionary and his legacy is immortal. So it is natural to expect that his children would also get part of those great thoughts. However, it appears that his daughter Aishwarya seems to have a different mindset and the reason for that is her latest move.

Apparently, Aishwarya is the director of the film ‘3’ which has the famous ‘Kolaveri Di…’ viral hit. Now, it is heard that she has decided to patent that song as she was irked with so many versions of the song which came up in youtube. However, many say it is not a smart move and added that it is a late move.

People are not crazy, they will check the location of the original if they ever want to do another version of it. Even if spoofs happen it will be a record in itself. By trying to patent it and get it under copyright act, Aishwarya is actually stopping the spread of the viral hit. Anyone who checks will know the original. But because of this, some will stop attempting due to fear of copyright infringement. That way, she is reducing the marketing of the song with her own hands.