Rajinikanth fumes at a fan !

Super Star Rajinikanth is a man known for his simplicity and down to earth approach in many things. Most importantly, he gives a lot of importance to his fans and it is heard that there are many instances wherein he helped many of them from many crisis situations. However, there is also another side to Rajini, he recently lost his cool on a fan.

Going in to detail, Sridhar, the secretary of Pudukottai district Rajini Rasigar Mandram had announced that he is going to contest in the upcoming elections of Pudukottai with the support of the fans association. When Rajini came to know the news, he was reportedly fuming on the fan. He wrote a detailed letter to Sridhar to immediately withdraw his nomination from the election fray. If he still intend to contest, he urged Sridhar not to use his name or the association name for contesting in the elections.

With this Rajini once again established that he is a very reclusive man who always maintained good distance from politics.