Rajinikanth Shocks BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP, which has been making relentless efforts to woo Superstar Rajinikanth to join their party and spearhead it in Tamil Nadu, has received the shock of its life when the superstar threw his weight behind Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s “Mersal” in the ongoing ‘BJP vs Mersal’ controversy.

In Mersal, the makers have made references to Modi government’s pet projects such as GST (Goods and Service Tax) and Digital India. The Tamil Nadu outfit of BJP denounced the film’s propaganda, calling it ‘misleading, and demanded the concerned dialogues and scenes to be removed. The BJP leaders even gave a communal spin to the whole controversy by bringing up Vijay’s religion into the picture.

Amidst this aggravating turmoil, Rajinikanth joined the bandwagon of celebrities who voiced out in support of “Mersal”. “Important topic addressed… Well done !!! Congratulations team #Mersal,” wrote Rajinikanth on Twitter, who very rarely tweets.

Earlier, several celebrities from across film industries, including soon-to-be-politician Kamal Haasan have expressed solidarity with the film, and criticized BJP for trying to suppress the freedom of expression of a filmmaker. Of them all, its Rajinikanth’s support for the film might hurt BJP pretty bad, since the party high command hopes to form an alliance with him somehow.

Rajinikanth’s tweet has gained significance not just because of his superstardom but he is not the one who entangles in controversial issues. If he does, it must be to convey a message, and his stance, which seems to be against BJP.