Ram Charan aiming for a 40 crore hit!

Mahesh Babu’s Businessman is likely to end up in the 40 crore club in full run. That means, he will have three out of the top five all time hits in the history of Telugu cinema. Despite Mahesh Babu’s rampage, Magadheera is still untouched and sitting pretty on the top.

However, Magadheera’s humongous success isn’t just enough to prove the mettle of Ram Charan. The director and production values take a fair share of Magadheera’s success. So Ram Charan will have to prove his strength and stamina with a film all by his own. He needs a big hit in which he does one man show.

A forty crore hit for Ram Charan would shut all the bragging mouths. That should prove his mettle as a superstar. If that happens with Racha, then Ram Charan gets all the credit, as the director of this film is relatively new and doesn’t hold any star value. Charan is aware of this and is doing his best to hype the film as much as he can. If he succeeds in pulling off a blockbuster with Racha, then he would be a prime contender for the future number one spot.