Ram Charan as ‘Betting Raj’ in Racha

Ram Charan has already proved his mettle as a commercial star with Magadheera. He delivered good performance in Orange and proved that he is a sensible actor. But the real test for any Telugu hero would be an out and out mass film. Any hero who wins the hearts of mass audience will become a minimum guarantee hero.
Even the flop films of so called mass stars will do good business. Chiranjeevi enjoyed this for over two decades and now it is his son’s turn to attain that status. If the reports are to be believed, Ram Charan has done one man show as Betting Raj in Racha, in which he plays a rugged slum boy, who takes up a major responsibility later.
Like his father Charan too has excelled in mass entertaining scenes and his body language which is an imitation of Chiru worked well for Racha, say reports. Charan has deliberately copied his dad’s style to win fans hearts. Charan’s dances are fights are the other highlights of this film it seems. As per pre release talk, Racha will be a sure shot hit in B and C centers and the talk from A centers will be average. Stay tuned for our review on Racha.