Ram Charan becomes a laughing stock

Mega Powerstar Ram Charan have become a laughing stock of Bollywood. His Bollywood debut film (‘Zanjeer’ remake) has given rise to huge discussion all over.
The very thought of a barely four films old actor reprising the role of Amitabh Bachchan in the iconic film ‘Zanjeer’ is indigestible for the B-town folks. Adding to that, the tall claims made by the film’s director Apoorva Lakhia that Charan is the next angry young man of Hindi cinema and no other Bollywood hero could fit the role of protagonist in ‘Zanjeer ‘ remake to a ‘T’ except Charan, is keeping them in splits.
“Charan risked his Bollywood career by choosing an iconic film like ‘Zanjeer’ for his debut, instead of going for a innovative subject. People draw comparison between both the films, especially between Cherry and Amitabh. Its not gonna be easy for him to match a legend like Amitabh. Altogether, a very risky decision,” said a noted Bollywood filmmaker.
Nothing is impossible if we focus our mind on the things we desire. So, let’s see if Charan could overcome all the odds to prove his mettle in Bollywood!!!