Ram Charan goes Mahesh Babu’s way

Scoring a commercial blockbuster with a below average film is not a difficult task. Recently Businessman proved the fact that a stunning opening could fetch a super hit irrespective of the content. Despite being slowed down drastically after couple of weeks, Businessman made it to the all time top 5 list of Tollywood.
Businessman’s theory was an open secret. They targeted a wide release and hyped the film to the maximum they could. A chartbuster song and Dookudu success added to the hype and Businessman made the maximum of Pongal weekend. The film collected a record opening week share and made it clear that no one would lose money on it.
Now Ram Charan is going to apply the same theory for Racha. He has given clear instructions to the producers to aim for the biggest release ever. Charan is planning for an aggressive promotional campaign to get the necessary hype. That is the reason why they are planning to launch the audio on a grand scale. If Racha manages to get as many theaters as Businessman, will it be able to break the first week record? Only time will tell.