Ram Charan has no time for Babai !

Although the title appears to be a hard-hitting one, we have no other option but to face the reality. While everyone has been raving about the Blockbuster film ‘Gabbar Singh’ and Pawan’s performance in it, Ram Charan kept mum on the happenings.
Charan even didn’t use the twitter platform to convey his greetings or share his happiness over the success of the film. “He has time to talk about KFC Burger and Fly (Eega) in his hotel room, but not for his own Babai” opines a die-hard fan of Pawan.
By the time everyone started to believe that the rift between Chiru and Pawan got buried, Charan’s suspicious behaviour is sending wrong signals to Mega fans. Rumors made it that Pawan kalyan’s comeback with a thunderous hit movie like Gabbar Singh is a big blow to many heroes including Ram Charan. Is Charan feeling the same?