Ram Charan is far behind Mahesh Babu !

Please don’t come to any conclusion looking at the title. We are not talking about their skills set here. The thing in focus is the business range of both these stars at the Overseas Box Office.
While the Overseas rights of Mahesh Babu’s last outing Businessman fetched a record price (Rs 4.5 crores), Ram Charan’s upcoming film Racha has to settle down with much less amount. Reportedly, the Overseas rights of Racha were sold out for Rs 2.75 crores.
“This is an indication to show that Mahesh is far ahead of any other star in the Industry. In the near future, no one could atleast come close to the benchmark set by him. It has come to a stage that Mahesh is competing with himself and breaking his own records,” said a fan of the Superstar.
“Nothing great, if Mahesh’s films fetches record price in Overseas as it’s his strong hold. He should repeat the same in the regions where he has a down market,” said a Mega fan.
For now, Mahesh’s fans can claim that they have an upper hand over their opponent. But, who knows what will happen in the future. Going by the favourite betting formula ‘The Favourite Doesn’t Always Win’, which mean even the best of the lot should go through its share of failures!