Ram Charan is the new Megastar

When Ram Charan created history with Magadheera, most of the film analysts and other heroes fans gave credit to Rajamouli. They didn’t even consider the fact that Rajamouli has done films with other heroes in the past and has never broken industry record even once. When Orange flopped, critics again said that Magadheera’s credit solely goes to Rajamouli.
But a real mass hero’s stamina can’t be estimated with a film like Orange. When Racha was announced with a relatively new director, who directed a B grade film as his debut, then the same critics and analysts again said that this film will be the litmus test for Ram Charan’s stamina as a star. First three movies of Charan were directed by proved directors. Racha was directed by Sampath Nandi, whose name is not known to many of the regular filmgoers even.
Now Charan has shut all the mouths of his critics with Racha by breaking the first day collection record by a huge margin. He has done this with a new director, weak audio and with a film which did not have any pre release buzz whatsoever. A star’s stamina is estimated when he can get this sort of collections irrespective of the director. In that case, Ram Charan is as big as Megastar in terms of crowd pulling capabilities. Keep it up Cherry.