Ram Charan to share screen with Big B

Re-inventing Bachchan classics has become quite fashionable in Bollywood. Apoorva Lakhia, who directs the remake of Zanjeer starring Ram Charan Tej, has sought the Bachchans’ consent before embarking on his ambitious project.

Lakhia had even offered the lead to Abhishek. According to a source, Abhishek declined saying he wouldn’t want to put himself in direct comparison with his father.

Latest news is that, Lakhia has now managed to get Bachchan Sr to do a cameo in his film. “Right now, it’s too early to talk about the extent of Bachchan’s participation in Zanjeer. But yes, I can’t dream of remaking the film without Mr Bachchan, Jayaji and Abhishek’s participation. The project has their blessing and support,” says Lakhia.

Meanwhile, a reliable source revealed that Big B would soon be meeting the leading man of the new Zanjeer, Ram Charan Tej, with the latter having expressed a keen desire to seek the original Vijay’s blessings and advice.

Lakhia has even written a scene where both shares screen space. That’s something to look forward to.