Ram Charan’s dedication is impressive!

Gone are the days, when actors like NTR, ANR and Krishna used to work 2-3 shifts a day and release a minimum of six movies an year. Days have change considerable we are currently in days where actors take 1 movie an year and release 3 movies in 2years. Ram Charan is no different, he took more than year for Orange and about an year for his Racha.

However, he seem to have changed a bit. Currently, two of his movies, Vinayak movie and Yevadu are on sets. Interestingly, a day after the last day shoot of Racha, Charan had moved on to a fresh schedule of Vinayak movie. If Charan maintains this pace, we can expect 4 movies from Charan in the next one year which is great for both fans and thousands of people who make a living out of cinema.