Ram Charan’s ‘gift’ for his best friend

Ram Charan and Rana Daggubati are close buddies and they are happy for each other for succeeding as actors. Both think alike and have been planning their careers in the same way. Rana is already into Bollywood and has been in plans to act in Tamil films. Charan signed his first Bollywood film, which is a remake of Zanjeer and also is likely to make debut in Tamil soon.
Charan is a big star compared to Rana both in terms of fan following and business range. If both their films release at the same time, chances are high for Rana film to suffer at the box office. So Charan decided to release his movie couple of weeks after Rana’s, if the clash is unavoidable!
Ram Charan’s Racha was supposed to release on March 23. But Rana’s Naa Ishtam is slated for release on the same day. So Racha has been shifted to April first week to give some space for Rana. Recently, Manchu Manoj pulled out Mr. Nokia from the Shivarathri race for the sake of his best friend Sunil. It is good to see these friendly ‘sacrifices’ in this highly competitive and egoistic field.