Ram Charan’s Hindi Shocks all !

Ram Charan who managed to score success through his recent venture ‘Racha’ has now got onto a very crucial project of his life. This is the debut venture in Bollywood and it is the remake of the yesteryears cult hit ‘Zanjeer’. And the interesting thing is, Charan would be dubbing for his own voice in Hindi.
And reports from Mumbai reveal that his Hindi has begun to shock many Mumbai folks and especially one person, the director Apoorva Lakhia. Buzz is that Charan has hired a special tutor for polishing his Hindi and it is heard that he is picking it up very quickly.
Unit members reveal that Charan is speaking like a native Mumbai speaker and has adapted his body language like a typical north Indian. Already, Charan is mentally prepared that he would be compared with Amitabh Bachchan, the king of dialogue delivery in Hindi, since he did the original. This should be an interesting comparison.