Ram Charan’s ‘Racha’ counter on Mahesh Babu

“Edo chusukuni Thodalu kotte type kaadu ra nenu” dialogue from Racha is creating quite a stir in Telugu film industry as it was an indirect satire on Nandamuri heroes, who are known for thigh slapping scenes. But there is one more dialogue that has gone unnoticed as of now. And that one targets Mahesh Babu.
In Charan’s introduction scene, Ajmal says that his ‘track record’ is unbeaten and pat comes the reply from Venu Madhav referring to Charan, which goes ‘Maa vaadu vachinde recordlu baddalu kottadaniki’. Remember ‘track record’ dialogue of Mahesh Babu from Dookudu. Though in a mild tone, it seems like it was targeted at Prince.
Racha dialogues in the trailers didn’t impress anyone, but there are ample dialogues in the movie which got thunderous applause from the mass and fans. “Naa abba jolikosthe evadi abba thala ayina narukutha” is the dialogue that is getting huge response from Chiranjeevi fans. Despite having few outdated and stale dialogues, Racha has enough dialogues to its support to draw repeat audience.